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Sports equipment is an important aspect of every athlete’s life. Before dismissing that statement, think for a second what it would mean if they carried their gear in a regular bag. The equipment wouldn’t fit, it would not have the protection it requires, and it would be uncomfortable to carry around. Not to mention the difficulties he or she would have while traveling.

Louisville Slugger Series 9 Catch-All Catcher’s Gear Bag
provides 3" clearance over grass and dirt
cinch sac, internal holster for shin guards
lockable bat compartment holds a minimum of 4 bats
Easton E700W Wheeled Catcher’s Bag
Full Bottom Rail adds structure and durability to bottom of bag
Removable Panel for custom embroidery
Heavy Duty Inline Wheels are rugged with excellent mobility
No Errors Catcher’s Bag with FatBoy Wheels
nine pockets and compartments with three that are ventilated
enough room to hold up to three baseball bats
wheeled design lets you easily maneuver the gear bag

Baseball equipment, in particular, requires more space than any other sports. That is because you need to pack bats, helmets, gloves, and other pieces, which occupy a lot of space. That is why manufacturers created special bags for them. A catcher’s bag has to be even bigger because it has to accommodate the helmet, the mask, the chest protector, the shin guards, and other equipment. Together they are difficult to transport, and it can be time-consuming.

The benefits of a catcher’s bag

As I mentioned before, a catcher’s bag has to contain a lot of stuff. That requires, above everything else, a lot of space. Owning such a bag can make the player’s life easier. And here is why.

  • ü It is designed to store the additional bulk – no other player in a baseball team has as much equipment as the catcher. That is why he needs the extraspace. If he uses a regular bag, the gear will not fit, and he will actually need multiple to compensate. That also means more expensive plane tickets for the extra luggage.
  • ü It features reinforced straps – do you think that all that gear is lightweight? Of course not. It is very heavy. Regular straps will just not do. They can easilybreak, or the fixture may give in. However, a catcher’s bag is designed especially for those circumstances. It will support the additional weight without breaking.
  • ü It has bottom rails – without bottom rails, a bag will not last as long. If you put all that equipment in a single bag, at least make sure that it can support it, right? The rail will provide that so much needed support, which will lengthen the bag’s lifespan. In comparison with regular bags, catchers’ bagsare more expensive, so buying a poor-quality one each season can be considered a bad investment. It is better to make an investment now, but to spend more money, then several times. If you think about it, in the long run, you actually save money.
  • ü It can fit several bats – some catchers’ bags come with a special compartment for bats. Team travel together, so they need to transport the gear how they can, no matter who’s bag is involved. There are models that even come with straps to secure the bats in place. But as I said, that depends on the manufacturer and how the bag is designed. Not all of them have this feature.
  • ü It has wheels – no matter how reinforced the straps are, it is still better to drag the bag than carry it on your shoulders. Almost all catchers’ bags have this feature. That is because carrying all that weight on your shoulder can cause back and shoulders pain. All athletes know that there is no point in injuring themselves for meaningless reasons, such as carrying a heavy bag for too long. The is where the wheels intervene. It will make transporting the gear a lot easier.

Factors to consider when looking for the best catcher’s bag

As with any other product, it’s a huge mistake to purchase the first one you find. Making a smart choice involves taking a few factors into consideration. That is why before making such an investment, think things through. It’s not like with regular bags. You need some unique features that only a high-quality catcher’s bag can provide. They are as follows:

  • ü Extra protection –the equipment baseball teams have is not the regular one you find in your local supermarket. They are manufactured by renowned brands, which translates into expensive. That is why the gear needs extra protection that only a high-quality catcher’s bag can provide. That means high-quality everything, from zippers to padding and straps. Anything that will keep your equipment safe is worth investing in.
  • ü Comfort – for a catcher’s bag to be comfortable it requires padded shoulder straps or wheels made of superior materials. Although it is a lot easier to drag around a bag, some players prefer the shoulder straps. I don’t know why, but they do. If a bag does not have the right shoulder straps, the player can suffer from shoulder pain, which in the baseball world is a crime, so to speak. A baseball player to be benched because of his shoulder pain (caused by carrying a bag around) is a real tragedy. I believe you see my point.
  • ü Durability – if you are a catcher and play at least once a week every season, then your bag has to be very resistant to wear and tear. That is why it’s best if you invest in a bag made of high-quality materials that ensure durability. Even the zippers need to be held to high standards. You will be using the bag pretty often, and you must make sure it will last. Otherwise, you will be back in a couple of months looking again at the best catchers’ bags.
  • ü Brands – for some people brand does not matter, but it should. It’s one thing to buy a bag from a new manufacturer with no name, and an old manufacturer that has been around for decades. In those decades, the company learned and did a lot of research to develop the perfect bag. That is how you know that the quality is superior to others. Yes, the bags from a renowned manufacturer are more expensive, but a lot of resources have been put into making that catcher’s bag. Do you think those resources come cheap?
  • ü Size – even catchers’ bags come in a variety of sizes. It’s not as they must accommodate different things, but it’s about extra space here. Some models come with additional space for other essentials, not only for sports gear. That comes in handy while traveling because the bag can also accommodate things like other pieces of clothing and personal belongings.

What are the best catchers’ bags?

Nobody tried them all to answer your question. But there is one thing I do everytime I want to buy something. I read online reviews of that particular item. It can make your choice a little bit easier. That is because you see what other people think about the product after they bought it. If all you see is good, then add it to cart. Otherwise, move on to the next one. Simple as that.

Louisville Slugger Series 9 Catch-All Catcher’s Gear Bag

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The Lousiville bag provides plenty of space when it comes to a catcher’s equipment. Besides the main compartment, which is huge by the way, it features a mesh helmet cinch sac, an internal holster for shin guards and some extra room for the chest protector and any other necessities a player may have. The bag was wisely designed to accommodate everything a player may need. There is also a lockable bat compartment that can hold a minimum of 4 bats.

The manufacturer has an exclusive inverted wheels design. It means that there is a 3-inch clearance over the grass and dirt. The bag will not touch the ground, which means that wear and tear is in the distant future. The wheels, made of high-quality plastic, are stable and will roll on any given terrain, not only the grass and dirt from the baseball court.

The Louisville catcher’s bag features sturdy zippers that will hold everything in place,However, just in case that the bag is overflowing, you have the possibility of using the compression straps that will keep all of your gear safe inside the bag. The sleeve of the bag is completely removable just in case you want to customize it. You can have the sleeve embroidered with the team’s name or your own name. The choice is entirely yours. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Easton E700W Wheeled Catcher’s Bag

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The Easton catcher’s bag is another excellent option. It has a lovely design and can be found in a variety of colors. It has everything a catcher’s bag should have. It is very spacious, so it’s completely able to accommodate all your baseball gear. It can even hold a few bats. It has plenty of side pockets for your valuables and other small items that you may need on the road. If you struggle a bit, you can even put some personal essential in it. It’s not like it’s going to burst. The massive, lockable zippers will make sure of that.

The full bottom rails add structure and durability to the lower part of the bag. That will ensure a longer lifespan. I always believed that no rails at the bottom are the death of catchers’ bags because there is no way it can support all that weight without assistance.

This bag has a removable panel as the previous one. It is meant for custom embroidery of the team’s name or your own. The heavy duty inline wheels are designed to last. They are rugged, but they have excellent mobility. You will be dragging this bag around with ease.

The Easton catcher’s bag is made of T420D hex ripstop 600D polyester, and it measures 36 inches in length, is 13 inches wide, and has a height of 13 inches. It is ideal for any baseball player, not only catchers. People are buying this bag even for their children because it’s not very heavy and easy to carry. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

No Errors Catcher’s Bag with FatBoy Wheels

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This catcher’s bag is truly unique. You have room for everything. It has nine pockets and compartments. Three of them are ventilated to help your gear dry faster. After a practice session, you must be soaked with sweat. Instead of stinking the entire bag, just put the wet gear in the ventilated compartments. The bag also features a shelving system, anexpandable shin guard pocket, and a heavy duty cleat pocket. There is also room for some baseball bats, all of a catcher’s gear, plus helmets. You don’t need an additional bag for helmets when you have the No Errors bag.

The bag comes with plenty of side pockets where you can put your valuables. That will provide easy access at all times.  There are also four hideaways hooks that will help you hang the bag wherever you want.

The wheels on this bag are excellent. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Fat Boy wheels, but they are amazing. They are easy to maneuver, they are made of high-quality plastic, and you can drag them as easy on grass and dirt as on concrete. The overall construction is sturdy. This bag was designed to last for many years to come. The heavy duty materials and the reinforced stitching will resist for a very long time. Rips and tears are very far in the future. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

I have to admit that all three bags are of excellent quality and that they will achieve the purpose for which they were created. However, only one can be the best. Taking into consideration all the features, I believe that the No Errors Catcher’s Bag with FatBoy Wheels is one of the best catchers’ bags of all times. It has all it takes.


People often underestimate the role of a particular sports bag thinking that they can do without, but in reality, things are different. Those bags were created having in mind a particular purpose. It’s not like there is a general use bag that will satisfy every need of every athlete. Each sport comes with its own specific features that cannot be generally satisfied. It’s the same with a catcher’s bag. No other bag will ever be big enough and convenient enough to satisfy the needs of a catcher. Click here to buy on Amazon

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